The mission of AddBiomechanics is two-fold:

  1. To make it easier and faster to generate high-quality, quantitative biomechanics data.
  2. To create a large-scale repository of biomechanics data that is open to the research community, so we can together improve movement and mobility for all people.

License for the Software and Data

To achieve this mission, we are sharing AddBiomechanics freely with anyone who would like to use it, under the GPL v3.0 License. By uploading data to AddBiomechanics you agree to share it with a Creative Commons BY 4.0 License, with the exception of the private data we allow users to upload for limited testing purposes (more details are below).

We share the AddBiomechanics source code so that researchers can fully understand the methods. We highly encourage you to use the web application rather than building the code from source. Note that we are a small team and are not able to support individuals wishing to build from source.

Will I Be Acknowledged for Sharing My Data?

The Creative Commons BY 4.0 License requires that users acknowledge you when they use the data. We also provide a list of citations in a DATA_CITATIONS.txt file with each downloaded dataset so users know how to acknowledge you for the data you share.

Make sure you: (1) update your user profile to include your name and institution, and (2) annotate each of your data folders with any publications or other references that users of your data should cite.

What If I Want to Test AddBiomechanics Before Sharing Data?

We know that data may not be ready right away for others to view, download, and use, so we provide the following data sharing options:

Can I Delete My Data?

Please be aware that we retain copies of all processed data that is not in the "private" folder, even if it is subsequently deleted from your personal account. We make this data available in large aggregate datasets of all the data that has been processed by AddBiomechanics. These datasets include screens to check for data quality and provide users the option to convert all data to standardized OpenSim skeleton types to make aggregate analysis easier.

How Do I Inform Participants of How Their Data Will Be Used?

As with all human subjects research, you must ensure your work has been approved by your institution's ethics committee and you have informed participants of how their data will be used.

You could use language like the following in your consent (IRB) forms to inform participants about how you will share their data, and give them the option to opt out.

What Do I Say to IT to Get Them to Let Me Use AddBiomechanics?

"Study participants consented to public data sharing, and no sensitive or private data is ever passed to or stored in AddBiomechanics.org. All data uploaded to the AddBiomechanics.org service is intended to be immediately publicly accessible."

Most IT departments will then stop asking questions, because AddBiomechanics falls into the "extremely low risk" and/or "publicly accessible" category of data sensitivity.